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Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are quite a hard area of your roof to reach and, therefore, they usually get neglected. Our chimney repairs will take the hassle and stress out of trying to repair your chimney yourself. So, if your stack needs extensive repairs or maintenance, or you need a chimney rebuild, our experts are on hand to offer guidance and high-quality services when you need it most.

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Cost-effective, Quick Repairs

We are committed to providing quick and easy repair services for your chimney, as well as any roof maintenance needed. Keeping your chimney in good condition will be essential for maintaining the performance of your fireplace. Cracks in the mortar, water damage and more can actually be very detrimental to your health when it comes time to use your fire. We offer very competitive and fast results, leaving you with a fully functioning and protected chimney.

We will mend:

Fixing A Chimney

Lead Flashing

Our leadwork specialists can offer chimney lead flashing to keep your chimney water tight and weather resistant. Lead around the base of your chimney is extremely important, keeping moisture from entering your chimney, causing detrimental issues. With our lead flashing services, we will make sure that your chimney remains water resistant.

repointed chimney

Chimney Repointing

Our chimney repointing services are the ideal way to keep your chimney maintained. Over time, your stack will become weathered and eroded. You may notice cracks starting to appear or bricks starting to move as the cement in between them corrodes. We will repoint your chimney stack, bringing back its stability and strength, allowing it to do its job for years to come.


Chimney Rebuilds

If we deem that your chimney is beyond repair, a rebuild is something that we can offer. This can be the best option if your stack has corroded substantially. A rebuild will stop you having to constantly have your chimney repointed, which over time can be quite expensive. Getting the whole stack done at once, will ensure its structural integrity going forward.

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