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Heritage Roof Repairs

Harsh weather conditions and years of wear and tear can have a huge impact on older properties. Heritage and listed buildings often suffer with structural roof damage simply because of their age. To keep the property intact, we offer specialist heritage property roof repairs and maintenance, to keep your roof in perfect condition using the material it was originally built with.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we have worked on a variety of heritage properties, restoring their roofs using traditional materials and methods.

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Cottage Roof Repairs

Heritage Roof Specialists

We offer a wide range of roof maintenance and repair options for your heritage property. Our options include:

Farm House Roof

What Is A Heritage/Listed Building?

A heritage property is a property that has a special interest, whether that be the site it was built on or its architectural past. Heritage properties are protected under law or policy. If you are lucky enough to own a heritage property, you will know the importance of keeping the original structure intact.

Listed buildings have a similar interest, and may be listed in an area of conservation. Again, these properties are protected and need to be kept original.

Our roofing specialists are experts when it comes to heritage and listed properties, and our team have worked on a wide variety of them. We can tackle any issue that you have when it comes to your heritage property’s roof.

Old Barn Conversion

The Importance Of Roof Repairs For Heritage Properties

When it comes to listed buildings and heritage properties, it is vital that they remain in good condition. Usually, these properties will have been built using very old and traditional materials. Over time, the weather, damp, corrosion, and rot will have a significant impact on the roof structure, which can lead to expensive repairs and even full replacements if left unattended.

Getting your roof repaired by our team as soon as you notice an issue will keep your roof in perfect condition and will help to avoid those costly replacements and repairs. We use traditional materials such as wood, slate, stone, lead, and more.

Lime Mortar

Lime Pointing

Lime mortar is a popular choice over cement due to its porous, natural, and soft composition, used primarily on heritage or listed buildings that wish to preserve their natural and traditional appeal. We offer lime pointing for any historic building or structure that you have, using hydraulic and non-hydraulic mixes, such as lime putty. We can tackle any issues you are experiencing, no matter the size or complexity. 

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